Saturday, 19 July 2008

Logging truck ride

I went with dad yesterday in his log truck but it was only for half a day. We went to the port twice and we also went up to Maitai, Charlands Creek. Then you go up to Goat Hill road where you can look across to the Maitai Dam. Today we had a lot of rain and we had a bit of a flood nothing to serious though. Before I forget and Miss K asks me, the truck ride was really cool being up so high.

Friday, 4 July 2008


At school we have been doing poetry. We all had a turn in our class then the best 4 in our class got to the syndicate semi-finals. I got that far with a poem that we did in miss K's class several years ago. I was really pleased with myself that I got that far. Another boy Alex from my old school got to the finals but Tim also from my old school won it with another boy. Didn't the Appleby kids do well.

My birthday

I've just had another birthday so guess what???? I'm another year older. Anyway I got lots of presents mainly Lego. I like Lego because I can make many things, things that I design in my head. I have nearly finished building all of the models that I got.

My Prize

We had to sell chocolates at school (which i told you about) well anyhow today we had the draw. All the people that sold boxes of chocolate went into a draw to win one prize out of nine. Guess what?? my name was called out and I went up and chose a prize. I chose an i pod which I don't know how to work yet, but will look at the instructions or give Miss K a call.