Wednesday, 17 October 2007


The penguins we saw at the Antarctic Centre were all refugees. One had a new beak made out of fibre glass, one was blind, one had a bad wing, one was caught in an old fishing net and had to have its leg amputated. One was called Elvis and it was a girl. When they feed the penguins they record how much each one has eaten and they have 2 (or 3) meals a day.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Tram and Gondala

In Christchurch we went for lots of rides on the Tram which took us around some of the old buildings and down lots of side streets. We could get on and off as many times as we liked. Also we went on the Gondala where we saw all of Christchurch and Littleton. In the distance we could see a train which went through a tunnel.

Antarctic Centre

In the holidays we went to Christchurch and visited the Antarctic Centre where we saw the penguins being fed and some of the new penguins have little shoes on their feet so that they don't get sore when walking over the small stones. We went in a blizzard and it was really cold and loud. We went on the Hagland which was a bit freaky but fun.